Though pandemic plans have been activated, what is the comfort level that the plans are adequate on an initial roll out? Your staff are overwhelmed just putting the pandemic plan in action. Our team is here to evaluate your plan’s effectiveness by risk assessment. Administrative controls and engineering controls could be compromised. World BioHazTec has the personnel and equipment to provide an assessment of your facility and protocols.

Our experience with the aftermath of SARS in Singapore show significant missteps with temporary facilities which put caregiver and patient in an environment that increases risk to both. A call to us will schedule our team to perform an assessment. Onsite assessments are available within forty-eight hours. We have personnel stationed around the country to respond.

Biocontainment is our wheelhouse. With twenty-five years of experience working as a contractor for the National Institutes of Health providing services to National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and other government agencies around the world, we know how to deal with facilities exposed to infectious pathogens. With the COVID-19 virus found in the respiratory tract and stool, facilities need to focus on ventilation and waste transmission in addition to public health measures. There are solutions to the immediate crisis and beyond. Having a third party evaluate your program is a reasonable measure to protect organizational liability.