CRC currently manages a Preventative Maintenance Services and Training contract for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) for five area regions. CRC provides AED maintenance services to AED units, optional AED machines as required, AED demonstrations, and AED/CPR/First Aid (AED/CPR/FA) training. CRC inspects the AED units at over 80 separate locations. Upon request, CRC provides AED/CPR/FA training and certification in coordination with the Texas HHSC Contract Manager. In addition, we are contracted to provide additional AED machines and supplementary supplies (including batteries and pads) as required. 

Within six weeks of contract execution, CRC began the initial physical inspection, assessment, and inventory of the Texas HHSC existing AED machines. CRC provided a complete inventory list of each AED machine including: make and model; location; battery condition and expiration date; AED responder pack contents and expiration date; alarm cabinet 9-volt battery condition; the date of our initial inspection and our inspector’s name and any recommendations we had for the AED machines to ensure compliance with manufacture guidelines and the timeline we suggested to make those recommended changes. CRC and the HHS Contractor Manager worked together to create an approved action plan, including timelines, for each AED machine. During inspection, we ensured that the inspection tag included the brand, model number, date of purchase, date of initial inspection, and the initials of our CRC AED inspector. 

During our physical preventative maintenance and inspection on all HHSC inventoried AED machines, we provide maintenance and testing on each AED machine in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. To verify we complete this maintenance and testing, we provide HHS with a summary report including the operational status of all AED’s in an electronic format approved by the HHSC Contract Manager. This summary report is supplied within three business days of completing each inspection. We also ensure that each inspection tag on the strap of the AED machine is visible at all times and includes the brand, model number, date of purchase, date of each inspection, and the initials of our CRC AED inspector. When applicable, we replace AED supplies within three months of the printed expiration date, or if there is a testing failure, to ensure that each AED machine is fully operational at all times. These supplies include batteries, pads, responder packs, and alarm cabinet batteries.