Council Rock Consulting, Inc. (CRC) performs program management in support of health and safety for our Federal clients. We apply our knowledge, organizational skills, and project management methodologies to achieve your program goals. Using an Integrated Project Management Schedule and Work Breakdown Structures, CRC spearheads initiatives through the application of facilitation, project management and team-building skills. To keep the program on task, CRC always has agendas, established tasks, assigned person(s) responsible for each task, and task deadlines.

Digital and Information Solutions

CRC has developed technological and digital solutions that address worker safety by combining tech savvy, science and policy sophistication and design execution. We provide customized databases, applications, learning management systems, and videos that improve processes.

Public Health Communications and Outreach

Our team provides design, copywriting and production for marketing collateral and websites. We design interactive training, engaging videos, and dynamic outreach events to share your message effectively. We have Section 508 compliance experts on staff.

Talent Acquisition

We are here to serve you. We can staff and onboard personnel to meet your unique needs for short or long durations.

Event and Meeting Management

Our event and meeting coordination, facilitation, and documentation of follow up activities gives time back to our clients to focus on their tasks.

Strategic Planning

We work with you to build a resilient organization that aligns with your mission, vision and core values. Our offering includes strategic pre-planning, development, communication, deployment, implementation, and assessment. Workshops are also available.

Technical Writing and Editing

CRC has an eye for detail and the talent to research, write, and edit technical and regulatory material consistent with the Government Printing Office and the Office of the Federal Register. We prepare and review site-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).