CRC provides a broad range of Safety and Health Management services for private and public sectors that are designed to meet regulatory requirements, promote whole worker health and prevent workplace injuries. We continually understand how to integrate environmental health and safety policies and services across organizations to create more effective and efficient outcomes.


Direct Communication – Access to our senior leadership is always available leading to quick and sound decisions, responses to inquiries and resolution of programs that may arise.

Senior Team Works Together – We staff the project with platinum level consultants that have worked together on over project. This approach ensures the best solution for the customer and ensures a tightly integrated solution.

International Subject Matter Experts – We have a cadre of world-renowned project managers, scientists, medical professionals and engineers working on some of the most complex and technically challenging projects and national security initiatives on behalf of the US Government.

Commitment – We always go the extra mile to find the right solution that commonly results in new and niche innovations.

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