CRC managed dozens of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Office of Research Services (ORS), Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS) programs and task orders to continually improve the operations of DOHS. Our staff supported committees and teams to help them achieve ORS mission through improving effectiveness, building capacity, and developing strategies.

Education and Training Strategic Plan Initiative Committee

CRC provided the Project Manager to provide leadership support to the Education and Training Strategic Plan Initiative Committee. The Committee was the first of five other committees to complete their strategic plan goals and objectives; approximately two years ahead of schedule.


CRC attended pre-planning meetings and worked with the Committee to complete a strategic analysis. During the pre-planning phase, CRC participated in internal/external analyses to understand the global environment and identify emerging trends. A committee charter (“plan for planning”) was established. CRC worked with the committee members to prepare a mission and vision to align with the strategic area of concern.

Develop, Deploy and Implement Strategic Plan

CRC attended planning meetings and strategic plan workshops attended by the ORS Director, Executive Board, and Division Directors. As required, CRC provided presentations to the meeting attendees explaining the Committee’s strategic plan initiative. CRC prepared drafts of the strategic plan and made updates as required. The strategic plan included one goal and nine objectives. Strategic outcomes were documented in the plan. Each objective explained its relation to the ORS mission and its core values. The strategy, action items, timeline, and milestones were detailed in the strategic plan. Throughout the initiative, CRC used an Integrated Project Management Schedule and work breakdown structures to spearhead the initiative. To keep the project on task, CRC always had agendas prepared, meeting minutes produced (typically between 24 – 48 hours following a meeting), and schedules for Committee Members to follow. CRC prepared the Committee’s white paper summarizing all findings and recommendations.

CRC supported the Committee in all activities to deploy the strategic plan. This included interviewing ORS training specialists, categorizing/classifying information, liaising with external groups including the HHS Learning Management System (LMS) representatives, and designing a website to capture all training assets. CRC met with implementors and impacted stakeholders to implement changes. Monthly updates were provided to the Committee. It was CRC’s responsibility to liaise with more than ten ORS divisions that are spread across the three ORS clusters.

Strategic Plan Assessment

CRC prepared a strategic plan assessment quarterly that was shared with the ORS Director, Executive Branch, and ORS Division Directors. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were tracked and reported. The strategic plan timeline was evaluated monthly to ensure that action items remained on schedule.

Communication Plan

CRC worked with the Committee to establish a communications function to support the initiative. The communication plan included launching a webpage featured on the ORS website and electronic announcements provided through ORS Information Line. In addition, CRC served as the liaison to meet with implementors, impacted ORS employees, and ORS customers to gain support for the strategic plan and strategic outcomes.

Additional Organizational Support

In addition to strategic planning support, CRC provided program management, public health communications, event planning, copywriting, conducting focus groups, multimedia services, project management, Section 508 compliance oversight, technical writing, and virtual environment/training design.